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We believe that no one should feel alone or stuck in life. That's why we create spaces and opportunities for people to connect, support and empower each other. Because when we work together, we can achieve more than we ever imagined.

Join us today and be part of a community that cares!


We aim to create a strong, confident, friendly and fun community of women, but also men who thrive to work together, gain new skills, and improve their overall wellbeing.

We inspire positive change and excellence. 



According to the definition, courage is the mental or moral strength to confront, endure, and overcome danger, fear, or difficulty. In order to take that first step toward change, courage is crucial. Courage is our organization's top value. This is the stage when you must be 100% sure about what you are really trying to achieve in your life. Of course, some of your decisions could be very difficult to make. When you are committed enough to take the first step by contacting us, we can then help you set up a plan where we will walk you through each stage until you reach your life goal. 


We are curious, what is your understanding about COURAGE? What does COURAGE mean to you?


It is very important to be physically, mentally, and socially healthy. Even if you do not have any illness or disease, your health is crucial to leading a full and happy life. In our opinion, the mind is the most powerful tool in the body. When used wisely, we are capable of overcoming most of our health issues, especially mental health. Therefore, maintaining your mental health is extremely needed.


What does HEALTH mean to you?


Refers to being free from the influence of someone, something, or somewhere. With CHICK, you will have the opportunity to become independent and strong, so you can live life on your terms and make decisions for yourself. We also assist you in becoming financially independent. Knowing that you have all the resources to be happy and feel fulfilled without seeking approval from others is critical.


What does being INDEPENDENT mean to you?



The essence of confidence lies in being confident in your abilities and knowing who you are, not arrogantly but realistically and firmly. Confidence is crucial if you want to achieve your goals, which could be changing jobs, starting a business, or any other desire you have. When you feel confident, you know that you can do anything to improve yourself and your life in every possible way.


What does CONFIDENCE mean to you? What would change in your life if you feel confident?

The solution to a problem lies in knowledge. It is not always the school that teaches you all the knowledge you need. Knowledge is a life experience in many ways. Being knowledgeable is having an understanding, being well-informed, and being discerning about yourself and the world around you. Knowledge helps you to hone your skills, which then allows you to solve problems more easily. That is why we treat ‘Knowledge’ as an integral part of personal development.


What does KNOWLEDGE mean to you? What skills do you need to improve your life?





I joined the group to help me with my mental health. It's been great to get out walking and talking. It's so nice to talk to others who have found the world a struggle. So nice to share our week in a non-judgmental space. I love our Thursday meetings, learning coping skills and finding ways to change our habits and thinking more positively.


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